Christmas Countdown: 4 Days Left

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So today’s the long night of driving (5 hours, for those of you just joining us) from here to my parents’ house. Ever since I’ve been back at the university (I lived in Virginia for a year), I’ve had second-hand furniture (minus my computer desk) and slept on a couple mattresses up on a homemade wooden loft. I kept lots of stuff underneath this loft in boxes and covered it around the outside with a few sheets to hide away the mess.

This past week I’ve demolished that loft (scroll saws are fun!) and had to clear out that mess. Now I’ve got two mattresses on the floor and my room is rearranged. I must have found about 50% more floor space after I rearranged some of my furniture! The reason for all this is that I will soon be the proud owner of a second-hand awesome full-size bed with box springs and frame and headboard, the works! I used to have one in high school but I didn’t take good care of it so it got dilapidated and put out by the side of the road. I’m excited to have a bed where my feet don’t hang off the end anymore! Hurray for Christmas – just 4 more days!

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