Have you ever worked in tech support? It’s the worst! I’ve done it for a few years now and while I finally escaped my help desk job, I still do tech support – family, friends, entrepreneurial endeavors to make side cash, and even my new job includes a little bit of tech support!

I’m a 29-year old (watch me forget to update this bit) work at home project manager at a major name-brand insurance company.

I love geeky things like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness / Shadow Run, Apple products, Android, Windows, Linux, web & graphic design, any kind of gadgets or technology toys, and technology consulting for businesses.

I also like some not-so-geeky things like cooking, keeping up on movies new and old, board games, card games (like Munchkin!), video games (Skyrim ate 200 hours of my life), and alcoholic beverages.

I love joyriding and travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. I am a nice guy face-to-face usually, but I’m mostly a misanthrope until I get to know someone well enough that I can stand them for longer periods of time.

This blog is my catharsis and aggregation of geeky stuff I find interesting, as well as documentation of my journey towards a world that no longer needs tech support. One day at a time.

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