The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

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Every single hard drive ever made, will fail one day. Maybe it’s lasted a long time, but at some point, it will happen. If your data isn’t backed up somewhere, all your important documents, photos, music files, projects, and important business forms will all be lost. Then you’ll probably have to pay a data recovery company to pull your data off that dead hard drive in a clean room, and that doesn’t come cheap.

There are many back-up solutions out there: burning to optical drives, tape back-up, external hard drives, and more. Most experts will recommend you have a physical on-site backup method and a reliable off-site back-up system as well. It is important to have an off-site back-up in case of fire, natural disaster, theft, or accidental damage.

With a system like IBackup, you get to see your online data as a drive right there in your “My Computer” window, making it easy to work with in a program you’re already familiar with if you use Windows. Also, your data is password protected and has the option to setup sub-accounts to use the online storage space as a collaborative sharing area. Their back-up application has proprietary compression and delta-transfer techniques that is completely unmatched in the back-up and online storage industry.

If you haven’t already discussed it, now is the time to work out a back-up solution for your business. Be prepared for that unfortunate day when your system’s hard drive crashes and you need to bounce back quickly to minimize loss of profits and productivity.

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