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Earlier this month, I was at (and incidentally, blogged from) the UNC CAUSE conference in Asheville, NC. There was a great deal of hoopla in the vendor display area. They all had tables set up, freebies to give out, and contests to win iPod shuffles or GPS units or Direct TV DVRs. My official title is “Technology Support Analyst,” which is great because no one knows what that means. Therefore, to every vendor, I was just as important as anyone who could be the right-hand man of a CIO or someone with purchasing power.

Several of my coworkers have been to other such vendor fairs where companies all vie for contracts with corporations and educational institutions. The display really seems to be the important part of the presentation. Sales people are great, and freebies are even better, but when it comes to actually making sales your booth says a lot about your company. If it looks like you made no effort, people will probably walk on by without taking a second look. But with an awesome set of Table Top Displays, you can show off statistics about your company, pictures of people enjoying your product, your contact information, and more! These things can really make or break your trade show visit.

The Godfrey group makes table top displays in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they will beat any competitor’s pricing on display packages by 10%. Since you’re spending money to make money, the less you have to spend, the better! You also can purchase throws or table runners to match your display package to give your booth the complete look for your business. What’s equally important is that these table top displays are light and easy to setup, so you don’t have to break your back setting up for your booth!

Get into the trade show habit – some of the most important contacts you can make are with people who are ready to buy at trade shows. Your rate of success is going to be enormously higher than what you’d normally experience from just fishing around and doing sales presentations to people who may not even be ready to buy.

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