Truth in Advertising: Signs Placed at Gas Stations by Artists

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I found this video on Digg today, about artists as part of a project posted signs up at gas stations that appear to be from the corporation that owns each chain. I thought it was hilarious and inciteful. But it’s another reason we don’t need the next president giving tax cuts to big business, even if they say it’s to prevent them from going overseas.

Gas Signs Truth in Advertising. from Donny Miller on Vimeo.

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  • Nathan

    Yes we should put huge windfall profits taxes on oil companies, because a 10% profit margin is far too much. Heck, anyone making more than 5% should get hugely taxed! Also, in what world do people believe that raising taxes on oil companies or other big businesses will help us? Does anyone really think that the big businesses won’t just raise their prices and pass it on to the consumer?

    Windfall profits taxes on oil companies = even higher gas prices, I guarantee it.

  • The Raging Tech

    I don’t know the numbers, but something seems awfully wrong with the way gas companies operate. I’d like to back that up with fact, but I’m lazy. Mostly Americans are just pissed off at gas prices in general, and always will be. They don’t care about the figures or their actual effects, all they hear from TV and news sites is that it’s bad that big oil companies are going to get tax breaks maybe, and that little joe worker is probably going to pay the same or higher. To some degree though, I call shenanigans. If no one fixes this, a lot more people are going to be out of jobs and out of homes soon, and while the last presidential term was about terrorism and national security, this one will be all about the economy, and the next one will probably be all about welfare benefits.

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