Brick and Mortar Stores Finally Getting It

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It used to be only electronics boutiques and super stores had online presences; most businesses didn’t want anything to do with “that confounded internet!” In-store sales were more than sufficient. For some businesses, the online business model just didn’t translate well for their particular business. Others have found a way to make it fit. It’s encouraging to see that businesses are taking into account the share of the market that prefers to work mobily via cell phone or the internet, instead of making a trip and burning fuel to make an in-person purchase.

Online pizza ordering, for example, used to be sort of a joke. Nowadays, people are concerned about privacy, security, and some people just have phobias about things like talking on the phone. Also, with online pizza ordering, you’re not going to have to worry about the pimpley-faced kid down at the pizza parlour screwing up your order. If it’s wrong, either they didn’t follow what was in black and white, or you put it in wrong.

MySuit of New York is an old-world business converting to the new-world business model. They are not changing over to a full-blown e-tailer, but you can go on from the convenience of the web and schedule an in-store appointment for measuring. You can select fabrics and preview your suit online, as well as check your order status. Turn around times are quick – just under two weeks to fabricate a brand new suit custom-made for you. That’s the kind of speed you’d expect from today’s modern businesses, with old-world business quality.

MySuit is a global company, and a large division of a major suit-making company. They have over 40 years of experience making and designing suits. They start at around $495, and as suits go that’s not a bad price at all for a custom-made made-to-fit designer suit. I don’t personally have an extra $495 to spend on a suit right now, but some of you may be thinking it’s about time for a new one for work.

If I were to get a new one, I’d like to get a pin-stripe suit with a really soft and comfortable interior fabric that breathes easy. The biggest problem I have with a suit is that my body heats up really quick when I’m in one, and it makes wearing it uncomfortable. The best suits I’ve ever owned breathed well and didn’t make me feel like a man in a monkey suit.

So if you’re on the go and you live in or around the New York area, make your appointment when it’s convenient for you, and then drop in and watch My Suit NY help you design your very own Made to Measure suit at near off-the-rack prices. Then get your suit so fast your head might spin, which may dramatically decrease your chances of keeping the job you bought the suit for.

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