Put Up Your Website as Little as $4 a Month

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If you’re at all serious about running your own business, either as primary income or as a side consultant for the off-hours from work, you’re going to want to have some sort of a web presence. Or maybe you’re an artist. Or maybe you’re a technology worker who just needs a place to rant and talk about tech news.  If all you want is a measly place to put your photos up of your family to share with realtives, you’re going to probably want a web page so that you have control over your own stuff.

I know some people may not have four bucks to spare, and if so maybe a web site isn’t your primary concern right now. But if you feel like your budget can stand the strain of four bucks a month, there’s at least one option for you that can get you unlimited space to host your site and unlimited traffic from visitors to your site. You can compare website hosting services online to find the best match for you – maybe you want a little more and are willing to pay a little more than four bucks a month!

Compare web hosting companies online at Web Hosting Rating. They have a breakdown chart of top web hosts for your money. If you’ll go to that link, you’ll notice the best isn’t always the cheapest, but the cheapest is still in the upper echelons of the rankings! Be sure to check out the 2008 Web Hosting Awards, especially the “Best Blog Hosting” winner.

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