Adobe CS4 Released

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Adobe has released the newest version of their highly successful Creative Suite of products, including familiars like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and newcomers formerly from Macromedia are back with a revamp.

Apparently in Creative Suite 4, Adobe has tried hard to really unify the interfaces amongst all the programs. This may upset both die-hard Adobe fans and long-time users of the former Macromedia properties, but I’m sure there’s good money to be made for the people publishing the books on how to get over it and learn something new.

Is it time to upgrade? Probably not just yet. The featureset doesn’t appear to have changed drastically from the older versions, and most of the tools are still the same. I know people still using the first CS that are perfectly happy with it.

I would be interested to know what protection / activation scheme they’ve got going this round. Its usually not long after a new version is out that the nefarious internet underworld has gotten a copy circulating around. If you’re one of those nefarious internet underworld-types, just remember to be careful and always scan your downloads for viruses (and send me a link!).

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