Two Days to Pay Day

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Man, this month stung pretty hard financially speaking. I had to pay for a $300 appraisal on this house I’m living in. I had to pay rent weekly to Marq & Melissa while waiting to close on the house. I had to pay for a U-Haul and supplies for cleaning / moving out of the old house (including buying food to feed my friends that came to help). I bought gas for many trips back and forth between the old house and new.

I know I was eating out more times than I care to think about (foolish thing to correct this coming month). One of the people I lived with in Virginia wanted me to pay off an old debt I’d forgotten about before he would sign one of the papers saying I lived with him, which I needed to get the house. Regular bills, and random items for the new house that I needed like a cheap set of pots and pans and paper products also ate into my paycheck.

There’s probably more stuff I paid for, I just know my bank account is sitting at literal pennies right now.

God is so good though, because I got money from working on computers on the side, and the last of my PayPal money from blog sponsors kept me in the black. I even got some work from my realtor (Thanks Mona & Leslie!)

Thursday is pay day; I only wish it were sooner! Kylara’s birthday is around the corner, and I need to decide what she’s getting for her birthday present. I also want to get the kittens some cat toys, and buy the book I need for class, and pay for the class. I also could use some groceries, the cupboard is kinda bare right now. I’m not starving, don’t worry (Mom). August is going to be easier, because no rent or mortgage to pay, but that just means I need to adjust to being more frugal and try to leave some extra for next month. Plus, an inheritance check is coming my way, and that should mean new Apple stuff and some debt paid off completely!

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