Alzheimer’s Hurts More than Alzheimer’s Patients

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My great grandpa had Alzheimer’s disease – the most commonly known symptom of which is recent memory loss. A lot of times an Alzheimer’s patient can remember 50 years ago like it was yesterday (and sometimes they think it is yesterday), but yesterday is just a blurry memory. It can be very simple at first, and really bad once it progresses and leads to eventual death.

Having a loved one not recognize you anymore is one of the most sad things you can experience in life. It’s sad for the person who can’t remember, and sad for the one whose name they can’t recall. But they know you love them, usually that feeling is strong enough they at least know that. It’s hard on a family. My dad didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but his condition often left him disoriented in a similar fashion. My great grandpa did have Alzheimer’s, and that was hell on his daughter – my grandma.

The Alzheimer’s Association is having a Alzheimer’s Memory Walk to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s patient care and research. There are over 600 communities having walks already. It’s typically a 2-3 mile walk on a Saturday morning sometime in the fall. There is a great need for team captains to help organize and raise funds.

I’m asking all of my readers to take some time out of your schedule to see if there’s a walk in your community, and if not, see what it takes to start one. I’m sure you know plenty of people that have legs and can walk, and if not, I’m sure they accept people who can’t walk too.

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