Spring Broke for Easter Break

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I am so poor. Buying a Playstation 3 with your tax refund will do that to you, though. You better believe I’m bringing that bad boy to Mom’s house for Easter though. Yes sir, I will be sitting on the couch racking up some mad points on PAIN and relaxing to Everyday Shooter or working off some stress shooting people in the head on Call of Duty 4.

On the bright side, I only have to survive 8 days of poverty after I return from the trip to see my family for Easter and then it’s Pay Day. I’m hoping to bug Mom to buy me some groceries and hygiene products to get me by for the week when I get back. I’m really only out of a couple of essentials, and I don’t mind eating repeat meals for a few days in a row.

Mom, just so you know, I’m coming home not just for Easter, but also to mooch off your food and do laundry. I love you!

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