What Will Your Next Vehicle Be?

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My friend from church Mike asked me if I was ready for a new car yet today in an e-mail. I knew he was joking. He was the one who hooked me up just last November with my current car, a used 2000 Acura TL 3.2. That car is pure awesome. I really don’t want to think about selling or trading it right now, but I certainly can’t help but think about sitting in a brand new 2008 Honda Civic. My trade-in would be a significant down-payment on a car like that. Problem is, that car still costs a lot of money.

Still, looking at all of that – I’m trying to decide if I want another sedan, or if I would rather get a truck or an SUV. If I got an SUV or a truck, I’d probably also need to purchase a bicycle or a motorcycle to save on gas when I don’t need to take the gas-guzzler. All that said, what kind of vehicle will your next purchase be?


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  • Kylara

    Whatever I can afford

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