Keep It Green: Higher MPGs Without Voiding Your Warranty

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powerpac3.gifThese days, the fuel prices just keep rising. I find myself constantly checking the gas price comparison web sites to figure out which station to go to next. I’m no mechanic, but I understand basic concepts like fuel octane numbers and Miles Per Gallon (MPG). My car is technically supposed to take premium gas only, but we found out it should be okay to fuel it up on regular without engine problems. And since I’m no racer, I won’t care too much about taking a hit to horsepower.

A product called Phoenix Power Pac is an add-on for your engine that’s one of the EPA’s approved fuel saving devices and should not void your warranty. It will give your engine the capacity to combust fuel more efficiently so that less is wasted, and as a side-effect will boost your fuel’s effective octane level by as much as 5 points, essentially turning regular fuel into premium gas. This product also introduces a constant amount of EPC-357 chemical that produces the higher combustion rate.

For the technically inclined, this system is more commonly known as Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) and allows your exhaust to be combusted two or three more times. A bonus side effect is that the chemical also reduces carbon build-up, and significantly increases the life of your engine.

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