21 Questions about Mormonism Asked by FOX, Answers Clarified

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On December 18th, FOX news asked 21 questions about Mormonism which were replied to but not fully answered. A friend of mine’s brother posted a link on Facebook to this blog which attempts to clear up the answers. Whether or not these answers are clearly rooted in whatever is considered the actual doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints remains undecided until I can actually dig into the research myself.

This had interested me because a friend of mine goes to an LDS church and I know she is saved (believes in Jesus and accepted Him as Lord of her life), but doesn’t necessarily buy into the whole “other planet where God lives” thing and some of the weirder Mormon beliefs you hear about. Anyway, if you were as confused as I have been by some of the Mormon doctrine, this post on this theology blog has an interesting take on it. Again, I’m not endorsing anything said by FOX or this guy’s blog, but it was an interesting read. I just don’t feel like I have enough knowledge to authoritatively speak to what’s been said.

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  • Kylara

    Hey do you still have questions on any of this stuff? If you are ever curious as to what I believe in specificity, about anything you should ask me and then w can mc it out.

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