Use a lot of Printer Ink? Don’t Spend a Lot!

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It’s a well-proven fact that printer companies don’t make their money selling printers. They make their money on the ink you’ll buy afterwards. Countless tech publications have posted stories about how manufacturers make cartridges with special technologies to ensure that you’ll buy plenty of ink.

How can you beat this system? Well, short of throwing the printer away and buying a new one when it runs out of ink, your best bet is to comparison shop for deep discounts on brands like HP printer inkjet cartridges. is a site where you can see which stores are selling what cartridges or laser toner and at what prices. They state that you can sometimes find deals as deep as 80% discounted price.

Also to help you “stick it to the man,” has pages on major printer brands and offers up tips on how to conserve your ink so you don’t have to buy ink as often. In addition to listing deeply discounted prices, they also list coupon codes to help you save even a little bit more.

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