Drive Brighter: HID (Xenon) Headlights

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When I bought my Acura last year about this time, one of the first things I noticed when I drove it is that the headlights were particularly bright. Most of the time, you’ll notice headlights are incandescent bulbs that give off a yellowish hue. These lights are pretty bright, but compared to the bright white lights on my Acura, they were nothing.

These lights are called Xenon (sometimes spelled Zenon) bulbs – but technically are classified as HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting. These hid driving lights lights are insanely bright, and really show you the whole road clearly when you’re driving.

You can pick up some name brand ones online somewhere like They sell german-engineered brands like Hella and Optilux. Pick some up and see a pretty big difference.

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  • Dave

    Meh. All headlights nearly blind me at night. I shun headlights almost as much as I shun the Day Star. But I do like halogen lights better because they’re white light instead of yellow, and helps me see the road better. They do blind me when other people have them, so I do understand why you shun them.

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