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Seriously folks, I can’t wait until the 21st of December. That is the very last day of work before a week-long paid vacation for Christmas. I’m going to go home and see my mom and dad and sister, relax, enjoy not doing anything (except maybe taking care of my mom) and sit on my butt.

A whole week without students howling, faculty and staff complaining, worrying about server outages or system upgrades breaking things, processes, change management, or Vista application testing will be absolutely wonderful.

It’s a 5 and 1/2 hour drive to where my parents live, but it’s a scenic drive for most of the way, so it’s not too terrible. I’m usually a wreck after I’ve driven the trip home and will pass out on the nearest soft furniture I can find after a couple hours unwinding.

I’m anxious to see my mom – she just had some life-altering surgery this past week. No, she’s still a woman. She is just going to be a much skinnier woman in the upcoming months. And hopefully, healthier too. I am such a nerd – I read up on the type of surgery she had done on Wikipedia, so that I would know exactly what they would do and what complications could arrive and the mortality rates from complications during and after surgery. I was relieved to know it was like .009 percent of patients that die during the surgery (so maybe 1 person out of all of them died?) and a not much bigger percent from complications later.

I got my family cool Christmas presents! I kept wanting to post them here, but my Mom reads this blog, so I’ll have to post it after Christmas.

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