Glitterati: Mystique uses a Mac

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From the ever-so-credible land of MySpace, one Apple tech support phone operator blogs (albeit ever-so-briefly) that he got a call yesterday from Rebecca, and the caller ID said “John Stamos.”


“so the other day I’m answering phone calls all day like I do every day here at Apple, and low and behold, I had my first celebrity sighting.

Yep. The phone rings, and automatically my screen pops up to show the name John Stamos. I’m thinking, ‘Jesse??’ I ask for the customer’s name and the voice on the other end said ‘Rebecca’, ‘and may I have your last name please?’ ‘R-O-M-I-J-N'”

That’s right. Uncle Jesse’s supermodel/actress wife called Apple Tech Support.

Tech Support (from MySpace)

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