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FireStarter FXI’m a recent switcher, having begun to find there’s just about everything I need on a mac that I could ever need on a PC. Now this post isn’t intended to start a flame war, or to bash PC’s. In fact, the other night, I was seriously not feeling the love from my Mac Mini.

I had one of those curious cd-image files that come in .BIN format with a .CUE file to tell the software how to burn it. Normally, on a PC, I’d burn it with Ahead’s Nero, but on a Mac you’re supposed to use Roxio Toast. Well, this ol’ boy didn’t have eighty bucks to spare.

Freeware alternatives that I sought out were few and far between. After a few hours, I stumbled upon Firestarter FX, which did the job beautifully.

The app has all of OS X’s familiar cocoa/brushed metal interface, and is as intuitive and easy to use as most other OS X apps. I just had to tell it where my .BIN file was, and what .CUE sheet went with it, and it went right to burning. Simple.

Firestarter FX (via Project Omega)

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  • Eric

    I’m a recent convert as well, I put down my PC after 12+ years and picked up a 2ghz MacBook (white). My take so far: “What’s Windows?”. Good luck with everything!!!

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