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You are here. You like G-mail. You like MyObscenelyLongDomainName.com. You wish you’d thought of it for your own domain name. You wish you had a cool e-mail address in the form of yourname@myobscenelylongdomainname.com, because it would look extremely awkward on a business card. None of your enemies can spell “obscenely” correctly, so you’d drastically reduce your hate mail.

Obscene G-mail!

Fret no more, friends (or foes), for Obscene G-mail has arrived! Yours Truly was invited to beta test G-mail for Domains, a service which allows me to create e-mail addresses that can be used with the G-mail interface! Imagine all your mail suddenly becomes searchable with the Google search technologies (not publicly, of course) – you can have Google Talk for your domain, AND it’s independently hosted by Google and each account still gets 2 gb of storage space! Feel free to faint now.

Obscene G-mail 2
For a limited time (or maybe not!), anybody who wants an e-mail address from myobscenelylongdomainname.com simply needs to send an e-mail to dave@myobscenelylongdomainname.com with your requested account name, and I will e-mail you your new account details. You’ll have to change your password immediately after you login, so have a good password picked out ahead of time.

You’re welcome.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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