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Guys, lately, I’ve been movie-A.D.D. Or A.D./H.D. Or H.A.D. I don’t know. One of those hyper kids that we’re not allowed to hit when they won’t calm down. I can’t get through a movie anymore. I don’t know if it’s because the world I live in is so fast-paced that I can’t concentrate for a full hour and thirty-nine minutes anymore; or maybe it’s that they’re just not any good.

I enjoyed Walk the Line, and I surprisingly enjoyed Doom (despite it’s unfortunate casting of The Rock as Sarge). That’s about it. Just about every other movie I’ve rented in the last 8 months that wasn’t older than a year, I’ve cut off after about 30 minutes. I’ve been more into TV shows and other serial forms of entertainment.

Is it that as adults, we’d rather sit back in comfy office room reception chairs and watch a well done 30 minutes to an hour than to sit back for almost twice that and be dragged unwillingly through some drivel from an industry almost devoid of originality? I’m also really tired of these pretentious movies they’re making now to try and appease cynical bougois movie critics. Goodnight and Goodluck? Boring. I don’t think there’s even an ounce of acting or screenwriting that went into that film. And it would seem that screenwriters aren’t putting much thought into their movie titles anymore. It’s mostly like they’re just picking random words from the script and putting them in the title.

Before you fall face-first into my “I miss the good ol’ days,” spiel here, I do have my hopes. I think Hollywood is going to develop some maturity again, and we’ll see signs of intelligent life arising, and we’ll have more epic tales and compelling drama. Unless Jerry Bruckheimer dies.

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