Apple to Release Snow Leopard in the Wild June 8th?

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There’s a snarky rumor going around that Apple may be dropping the newest release of Mac OS X operating system, codenamed “Snow Leopard” OS X 10.6 – on June 8th. This is all according to leaked release notes at World of Apple. The new version will likely include a new Finder app, Safari 4 Beta, a  “mini” version of Quicktime, and a heavy shift towards 64-bit computing. There’s also rumor that Jobs is returning, but we’ll see.

I’m ready to upgrade – and probably will get to shortly after it’s release, we usually get it at work. I still don’t have a Mac of my own at home, but those of you who do – will you upgrade to the new OS X, buy a new Mac, or just wait it out till OS X 10.7?

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