The New House, Hot Dog, and Chairman Meow

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Weekend before last, I moved into my new house, about 20 minutes away from where I work. It’s a 30 minute drive in traffic now, though, because they closed off one lane on either side of the highway to install a concrete divider.

Everything has been crazy but amazingly smooth – I moved in, have been settling, and waiting on my closing date (this coming Monday, 3 days away!). They neglected to tell me I needed to have my home owner’s insurance ready by closing, so today I scrambled to get my insurance setup, and in the process am moving my auto insurance to the local office. Since the bank had e-mailed me a PDF of my appraisal, I just forwarded that on to the insurance company, and they got all the information they needed. I’m all set for Monday to close!

In related news, two days ago Kylara gave me two kittens that her cat had, and now they live at my house. I’ve named one Hot Dog (the girl, kind of adventurous and curious) and the other Chairman Meow (the boy, very quiet and stern, looks like he’s scowling at everyone all the time).

Here are photos of the house and my kittens:

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