Hotel Free Wi-Fi: Luxury or Standard?

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This weekend I stayed in two different hotels, a Holiday Inn Express and Embassy Suites Hotel. The differences are staggering as far as the quality of your stay. The Holiday Inn Express is somewhere that strikes me as an economical solution if you are with a family or on a budget. It’s not a bad place to stay at all. But the Embassy Suites trumps it in almost every facet. Except one – the Holiday Inn Express has free, unsecured wireless internet access.

Unsecured Wireless is not safe, so be sure to secure your own system if you get on it. However, this seems to be the most hassle-free way to get people connected who are unfamiliar with wireless internet technology.

The Embassy Suites? They have a pay service where you purchase blocks of time on the wireless internet access. This seems utterly ridiculous for an upscale hotel. They did have a business center, but due to the size and location of the hotel, it was always in use. Not to mention the few times I walked by and saw someone else using it, it looked like it was loading slow.

Do you expect to receive free wireless access in the hotels you stay in, or do you consider it more of a luxury that you don’t mind paying for a few hours of access? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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