May Flowers Bring Sneezing Showers? Go Silk!

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My mom loves to decorate her yard with plants and every so often has a professional landscaper come in and plant flowers and shape up the yard. When I was a kid, I had no allergies. The pollen didn’t bother me a bit. I didn’t wheeze, or cough, or feel nauseated when springtime rolled around.

Now, as an adult, I have to take an anti-histamine just to get through the season. Allergies just leave you dried up, sneezy, headachey, and just a mess in general.

If you have the same kinds of allergy problems I do, then you can always switch to using silk flowers in your yard. They have lots of benefits besides being allergen-free. They last until they start to fade from sun exposure. They look pretty, and you don’t have to water silk plants to keep them looking that way. Also, when you go to wash them off so they look clean again, your neighbors won’t wonder why you never water your plants.

The use of faux designer trees and plants reduces the chances of having an insect problem in your home. If you live in a big city or on the side of a mountain like I do, there may not be enough sunlight hours in the day to raise regular plants. There are many reasons why, if you enjoy looking at plants, an artificial silk plant may be the thing for you.

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