Grand Theft Button: Windows Tips

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Those of you who have not yet upgraded to Vista, or are like me and dwindle between XP and Vista lands, you probably encounter this problem whenever you copy files: if you’re copying files into a folder where those files already exist, you get a dialog box.

This box usually says something along the lines of “Are you sure you want to copy this file? It’s going to overwrite an existing file. Are you sure?” followed by “Yes,” “Yes to All,” and “No.” But what if you want to say “No” to all of the files you are copying? There’s no “No to All” button. If you’re in Vista, this has been taken care of with a redesigned and more specific and helpful dialog box.

On XP, you can simply hold down the “Shift” key while clicking on “No,” and it magically knows you mean “No to All” and will take action accordingly. I ran into this tip on Lifehacker today, and it struck me as useful.

Also, my friend has an article over on his blog about using CTRL+ALT+END during a remote desktop session since CTRL+ALT+DEL will bring up the task manager on the local machine instead of the remote session. Alternatively, you can load up the “Run” dialog from the start menu and type in “taskmgr” and get the same thing. Check out that post for more windows tips.

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