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I have to be honest here: having someone to call “my girl” is awesome. I wanted to write here today about one of the things I appreciate the most about the situation: having such similar but diverse interests means that we challenge and broaden each other’s collection of cultural experiences.

The most interesting thing that’s happened as of late in that area, she has had influence over my television watching selection (we only fight over the remote every other day) and my Netflix queue. I’ve been watching some things I probably wouldn’t normally initiate watching on my own. For example, I’ve started with Alias season one on Netflix, and on TV she’s got me watching the Game Show Network and some reality shows like Beauty & The Geek or America’s Next Top Model.

Speaking of America’s Next Top Model, holy crap. That show is crazy. These girls are with one exception, not fresh off the streets. They’re seasoned amateur models looking for a big break. Some of these judges are cruel and harsh, and I know they have to be to prepare these girls for the real world. But what gets me is, this is a competition not a modeling school. They should already be trained in modeling, not learning to model on this show. If they don’t make the cut, no hard feelings. But that wouldn’t make for good television would it?

This one girl on the show said something to a famous photographer about taking the stick out of his butt, and it came back to bite her later. He was like “Honey, I know you were joking or whatever, and I’m a nice guy so I let it slide. But out here in the real world that’s not going to fly. You could seriously ruin your whole career out here saying something like that.” Drama, human suffering, and cruel judgment. Yes, I think Satan invented reality television.

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  • Sabrina

    I love Alias! I realize that the show had run its course, but I was still sad to see it go.

  • Dave

    It is an awesome show.

  • Kylara

    Actually, in America’s Next Top Model, some of the girls are picked up off the street so to speak. Some of the girls they find in places like malls and whatnot because they look like models.

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