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Whether you’re fresh out of undergrad and find the current job market too daunting in your field, or you’re a seasoned professional looking for more on-paper credibility with a master’s or doctorate degree, it’s not easy to turn back to conventional education. It’s an especially difficult endeavor for the wallet, in most of our cases.

Personally, I’m still paying off my student loans from my undergraduate degree. But it is possible for just about anyone to go back to school, and depending on how well you did the first go-round and what you’re going back to study, you can fairly easily get financial aid to help you continue your education.

Whether attending night school, community college, online classes, or going full-time back to school, there’s a scholarship or loan fit for you. FAFSA is a government organization set aside to help you find that help you need. If it turns out a loan is what’s best for you, you might consider for Federal Direct Loans or consolidating existing loans from the government. Loans are an easy way to make up the difference between your tuition costs and what your scholarship may cover, so that you don’t have to work your tail off to earn money while you study your tail off to make the grade.

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