Regaining My Strength

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After downing a shot of Dayquil, I’m starting to feel a little better this morning. It’s also nice that Dayquil is in large part an amphetamine – and the big heavy sleepy feeling my cold has given me for the last four or so days has been (albeit temporarily) lifted.

That said, the evil version of me is returning, and my wit and sarcasm engines have been firing back up again. I think they took a break while I was at home sick in bed. At work today, two of my coworkers and I were talking about what beverage best wakes us in the morning, coffee or soda. My other coworker piped in and said “a good cup of hot chocolate does it for me,” and I immediately replied “that’s because you’re a fairy,” and then went into an effeminate, lispy voice and said “Oh, a good cup of hot cocoa does it for me. Could I get some whipped cream on that? Where’s my cherry? Could I get some chocolate sprinkles?”

A finger was given to me on behalf of the offended. It was awesome. Oh, and I have a date on Wednesday. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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