For Business Success: Learn the Language, Lose the Accent

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How many times have you called certain unnamed technical support or customer service numbers only to find they’ve outsourced their call centers to another certain unnamed middle eastern country? Too many times, my friend. Too many times.

If you’re from certain unnamed foreign countries where your accent is thick or you find that native people to the country you do business with often ask you to repeat what you said, to try more slowly, or to stop stealing their spare change – you might have a language barrier problem. Whether you just want to lose your accent and work on your business English, or you’re working primarily with a foreign language and want to improve your skills, Executive Language Training can help you.

Let’s say you’re in the sales department and you deal primarily with Italy. Sure, your Italian business partners or customers are probably used to dealing with American companies in English, but why not make it easier on them, and learn Italian? If nothing else, it might impress them that you took the time to try with some Italian language training. Certainly, communication is important when it comes to business. Most business involves verbal exchange – so language is definitely a key to success.

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