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I’ve been using Google’s Grand Central service while it’s still in beta to get a second phone number to use with my business. I didn’t want a land line phone in my house, nor did I want a second cell phone. I also didn’t want to necessarily give out my cell phone number to everyone I wanted to do business with.

Visit my page at and you’ll notice I have a “Click to Call” button. This button lets visitors input their phone number, and Grand Central will call them and then call me and connect us together.

I also have a real phone number in my local area code that I give out to people as my business line, and Grand Central connects them to whichever phone I’m nearest (usually my cell phone) and lets me screen or accept the call or send it straight to voicemail. I can also route calls to other phones I have on the account, or to a gizmo project (VOIP) number.

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