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So you proposed or were proposed to a few months back, and you’re probably planning a spring wedding, right? Maybe not this year, maybe next year, or maybe you’re just sitting around daydreaming and want to see what options you might want for your own wedding?

There are quite a few sites out there for planning your wedding, most notably The Knot, where you can track all the main details and let people know about your wedding. However, if you’re a net-savvy shopper like I’ve tried to teach you to be, you want to find all the wedding resources online you can and comparison shop and read articles, etc.

Check out, and you can find all the information you need to plan that perfect Houston Wedding, or Hawaii, or Paris, or the beach, or wherever your dream wedding may take place. Nowadays you can find the perfect dress, the right decorations, a chapel, a chaplain, a limo, and even plan the honeymoon online and save some money in the process.

So stop dreaming – go take a look and do some research, and have the best wedding you possibly can on your particular budget. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my friends who have gotten married recently, it’s that weddings aren’t cheap and it’s your special day – so make it good.

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