New Year’s Resolutions

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I gave up trying to give New Year’s resolutions a few years ago, because I got tired of promises I couldn’t or wouldn’t keep. They were all for my own good, but I couldn’t bring myself to form better habits. It’s one of my biggest vices, not being able to change my habits easily.

To start something new and really stick to it, I need proper motivation – usually some sort of instant gratification helps immensely.  For example, in order to stick to an exercise routine, I need to really be able to track my progress and set a goal and meet it, then reward myself for reaching it. That’s pretty easy in a gym, because you can track how much weight you’re lifting or how far you’ve gone on the treadmill. My problem is getting motivated enough to go. I don’t like to exercise alone because it’s easier if someone’s there to push you to do it.

I think maybe now that I’m in a better financial situation my New Year’s resolution will be to get off my butt and go pay the $30 / semester or whatever it is to at least get a gym membership at the campus where I work.  Then maybe I can find someone who will work out with me. Small, simple, easy to meet goals. That’s how you get started.

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