Writer’s Strike

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You know what really grinds my gears? This screen writer’s union going on strike thing. I know they’re lobbying for more money and to get royalties off all these shows that are being played over and over again in syndication. But it’s seriously cramping my tv-viewing style. I hope the networks and studios realize they need to pay these folks so my shows can get back to being new again.

The other weekend I saw that Saturday Night Live was a re-run from the 70’s with Bill Murray still on it! That was actually pretty cool, but I still missed the live show. Apparently their still was a live show in the studio, but they couldn’t televise it, and a lot of people were upset because they wanted to see the band that was supposed to be on that week.

So far, I’ve seen Heroes end semi-early, House is on hiatus until January, and a few other shows are done now. This all still reminds me of the last two years when my favorite shows just went on hiatus because they felt like it.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a big deal, we have lots of dvd’s around here, and other shows that have already been taped like “Little People, Big World.” I swear, midgets are awesome to watch on TV. Way better than that show where that couple has like 8 kids to take care of. Way better.

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