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It’s a cool, rainy evening in the early fall.

Somewhere there are crickets chirping. Somewhere there’s a happy couple celebrating their engagement. Somewhere there’s a woman who misses her son, but she’s happy he’s following God. Somewhere there’s a young man who posted on my blog, and so I owe him an entry. Somewhere, people play lacrosse. None of those things happen here, thankfully.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but very quickly I’d just like to say that Lacrosse is a sport for women and crippled children. WCU’s Lacrosse team would probably be beaten mercilessly if they were challenged by women and crippled children, so I guess that’s why they have a “men’s” league.

“…like a little girl.”

So on to my friend Andrew. Andrew, or “Roo Roo,” as I like to call him, was born a wee l- oops, I mean a wee boy of Scottish descent. I get confused every now and then, because of that weird dress he calls a kilt. I did see that Braveheart movie, but I still don’t understand a word they say. The subtitles don’t help.

After that, not much is known about the origins of the Roo Roo, except that he ocassionally mentions the phrase “doileys still make me shudder,” and ocassionally jumps in fear when he encounters clowns.

Imet Roo Roo his first year of college (last year) at church a week after he met Jesus. His astounding quick dive into the Word and into a relationship with God has been very encouraging. However, please be in prayer for his lacrosse problem.

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. We tried to tell him, but he doesn’t believe it. He hasn’t seen the game films yet.

(two down, one to go).

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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  • Lily (Lilli)

    he told me his favorite leisure activity at western is hitting people with sticks (lacrosse)

  • Andrew McDowell

    HAHAH. Dude, that’s awesome. I’d hug you if we weren’t, you know…hundreds of miles apart. And if I wasn’t seething with lacrosse anger! You will fail!!!

  • Janie

    muhahah! yes! oh, andrew? is it really a form of dancing?? heheh…nice dave! 🙂

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