Going Home for the Holidays

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WARNING: Cheesy Holiday Sentimentality Ahead


11This year, I am really thankful. My life has essentially turned itself around from where I was in 2010. I have a roof over my head (even if it needs some work), two cats and a dog, and a beautiful woman that loves me and makes me happy in the healthiest and most mature relationship I’ve had. I have a GREAT job with really nice folks who are pretty good at what they do. I am making more than enough money and have finally made headway into paying off my debts, and am making charitable contributions to worthy causes. I am thankful for my family, too, and my girlfriend’s family. They’ve been really good to us and we know they love us plenty.

Tomorrow, I am starting my Christmas vacation. I’m thankful because I have a job that lets me work from home, and since I rarely take a sick day or a vacation, I’m able to take two weeks off for Christmas and New Year and return to work on January 2nd. I know a lot of people won’t be so lucky, and since it’s a retail nightmare right now there are many who will be working when they’d rather be with their families. I still have Christmas shopping left to do, so bare with me as I add to the number of people in your line. I will try to be courteous and friendly and hopefully you’ll get a pleasant smile. Breathe and remember you’ll be OK, and hopefully other people will show you compassion and respect.

There’s a certain point I think when you’re old enough and can afford to buy the things you want yourself, that Christmas presents are less exciting to receive than to give. My family’s been through hardships both financial and personal over the years, and it’s hard to find out what each person wants that year, so for a few years now we’ve gotten gift cards for each other – and it’s nice because it’s low stress and still thoughtful. We are so blessed to be able to do that much for one another. I don’t know how my mom managed to get us presents year after year when we were growing up. But I am thankful. I have the best Mom.

Everyone knows Christmas isn’t about the presents at any rate; it’s about taking time out of our busy, rushed lives of craziness and remember each other. We remember to be kind, to be charitable, to be friendly and remember that not everyone has a reason they can think of to be merry. But little things, little acts of kindness and love and compassion can lift someone’s spirits during this hard time. We ought to be this way year round, but at the least we can come together as humanity for a short time. To remind us it is possible. To have hope. To love the way we were designed to love.

OK, that’s enough of the sentimental stuff. Happy Christmas everyone, and a blessed New Year!

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