Grandma in the Hospital Again

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I had text messaged my mom to let her know I’d be coming home this weekend, much to her delight. She text messaged me this morning to let me know that Grandma is back in the hospital with another seizure. Mom is hoping that instead of going back to the nursing home Grandma was in before, that maybe she’d get a bed over on Mom’s side of town, in the nursing home that Dad was in before. I’m not sure how much I could deal with that when I visit if Grandma does wind up there, but I know she’ll get better care there.

Mom asked Grandma to hang on as long as she could, to at least stick around here with us until Mom gets married on June 13th. I just hope it’s a lot longer, but not a day longer than God says she has to stay. I’d hate for her to have to stick around and suffer just because we selfishly want to keep her. Grandma has just had it really rough since her stroke a while back. Aside from not having feeling in one side, she has pain and other troubles. And I’m sure it’s not emotionally fun to be stuck in a nursing home when you’ve got a house of your own you can’t go back to for now. Mom had high hopes Grandma will eventually get better and be able to go through therapy and live in her home again. I’m not one to wish the worst, but everything points to her not getting to live at home again unless she’s miracle healed by Jesus or something. It could happen.

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