Amazing New SeaWorld Coaster “Manta” Opens in 22 Days

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SeaWorld, the family-friendly and awesome oceanic life theme park, is opening a brand new roller coaster called Manta just 22 Days from now in May. You might remember a while back an ad that ran on this site and a contest I wrote about for “Manta Mania,” – well here it is, folks! Manta Mania is coming to a rolling boil, and the pressure is unbelievable. This unique roller coaster experience will thrill you and your family by combining a thrill ride flying coaster with “all up in yo’ grill” sea life exhibits. As if SeaWorld and Shamu weren’t really cool already!

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve never been to SeaWorld. So here’s what I recommend: Go to SeaWorld now, before Manta opens. Check out the park, watch the shows, see the awesome creatures of the sea. Theeeeeeeeen, when the park opens Manta on May 22nd, go back and see it all again! Now you’ll have a good, recent comparison to judge by. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be awesome!

Now, you have a chance to win some cool prizes from SeaWorld while you wait, just by completing some activities (Don’t worry, they’re all easy and a lot of fun. You may already be having fun, so what’s there to lose?):img00086

  • Take the Manta Quiz (No, I won’t help you cheat)
  • Submit to Flickr (Show some love!)
  • Fill your Row (Get some friends in on the action)
  • Submit to YouTube (Video your love for Manta)
  • Make a Manta Mask (You know you want to.)
  • Follow and Tweet.

If you complete some steps, you’ll get complimentary photographs of your ride on Manta. If you complete all six steps, you’ll get a free front-of-the-line pass when Manta opens. These are all pretty easy things to do for you tech-saavy folks who use the Youtubes and the Facebooks and Flickrs and Twitters and all of that.


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