Ow. It Hurts to be Awake Right Now.

 In Ow.

I think maybe I should have gotten more sleep last night. Today was kind of rough. I got up early to take my roommate to the mechanic for his car troubles. Then we went to the bank and then I got into work. I don’t think there is enough caffiene. Got to work, settled in, logged in, and went to microwave my breakfast. It actually turned out okay, even though I’ve never been much into english muffins.

I got an email from my boss letting me know I forgot to check e-mail last night while I was on duty, and a few went unanswered until this morning. Thankfully, none seemed very critical and they all were answered this morning. I’ll have to do better tonight. D’oh.

I’ve got to get to studyin’ for my Apple Certified Desktop Support Technician certification, I’m taking that test on March 20th in my hometown – so I’m stopping by to see Mom for the weekend while I’m in town to take it. It’s one of the nice things my tax refund has afforded me to do and so I’m jumping on the opportunity before I spend the last of my money on foolish things.

My master’s degree stuff is going pretty well – we had a rough mid-term last week and this week is an individual assignment, which has given me a nice breather from having to be at home and online at certain times to meet with classmates. It does mean I have to be a little more personally responsible with my time, but I’ll probably just procrastinate and do everything last minute anyway.

I just took some Tylenol Rapid Release stuff that should help, maybe it’ll ease some of my mental agony and headachey-ness. I wasn’t drinking last night or anything, so I know I’m not hungover. I just feel agitated. It’s like, dang it World, leave me alone for a little while and give me a chance to breathe. Ohmmmm….. ohmmm… ohmmmm…. (meditating, because resistance is futile! [haha, bad ohm joke]).

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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