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This morning I went to my doctor. I’ve been sick lately, since at least last Wednesday, with flu-like symptoms. My coworker Brian went to the doctor for his, and came back with a sinus infection diagnosis. I figured I’d be the same probably. But the day didn’t go all nice and smooth, that would have been too much to ask. I’ve switched to 11am – 8pm shift at work now, so I got up a little early and went to the doctor for a walk-in appointment. I had, however, forgotten my money at home that I needed for the copay. They graciously saw me anyway and I still had time to go home and get their money afterwards. I have the flu, based on a nose and throat swab series of tests. But it’s too late for tamiflu, they say I’ve been sick too long. So I get antibiotics (Augmentin) for my sinuses and throat problems. I am going to try and rest as much as I can, but I have some big things ideas about a few series of posts I want to do here:

  • Post about Grad School
  • Post about Verve / Vemma, and Blu-Frog
  • Post about Raging Tech getting a lot of customers lately
  • Post Linux How-Tos, Tutorials, and Top Apps (Ubuntu-centric, of course)

I’ve been wiped out by this flu thing all weekend. I coughed up a bucket of phlegm I’m sure. And with sickness comes fatigue and body aches. It’s not fun, but I’ve been pushing through it, probably more than I should. I’ll rest up tonight some and do my class meeting, and then rest up some more, maybe do some of these posts I’ve been talking about.

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