Sick Again

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I went to the doctor a week or two ago, and he said I was doing alright. And now wouldn’t you know it, I’m sick. I’ve been sick for about 24 hours now at least, and it’s no fun. Congestion, coughing, and sinus pressure. I am taking medicine, but of course that only gives me medicine head. I’m sneezing too, which I hate. It’s like my sinuses have epilepsy.

Last weekend I had a fun time: Friday night was game night and we played some actual board games instead of just Rock Band the whole evening. Ruff and I kicked some butt at Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. Saturday night I had “RETURN of Movie Night: Attack of the 80’s” where I had people bring over 80’s movies that we put into a pillow case and then I picked them out at random. We ended up watching Predator, The Shining, and UHF. Overall, a great night. Sunday was busy! I put together a decent spread and invited folks over to watch the Superbowl. The commercials weren’t all hilarious or even that interesting, but a few were great. YouTube is boasting all of the Super Bowl ads, so if you missed them be sure and look there.

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