Mac World 2009 Summary

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The down and dirty summary of Mac World 2009 Apple announcements:

  • Update to iPhoto : facial recognition, sorting by faces and places, using Geo-tagging feature of newer cameras and of course, the iPhone.
  • Update to iMovie: many new features, visual camera stabilization. Other iLife and iWork apps get update.
  • New Macbook Pro: non-removable battery, 3x industry standard battery life, up to 8 hours per charge if you’re not doing anything with it, over 1000 charges – longer than most laptop batteries. What impact will this have on being able to reset the power management unit? Sell price $2799, ships late January. Also features high-end gpus and up to 8gb of memory. 320gb hard drive or 256mb solid state drive (SSD).
  • iTunes: Over 8 million songs are DRM-free today. New 3-tier pricing: 69 cents, 99 cents, $1.29 per track. Entire 10 million songs DRM-free by the end of Q1 2009.
  • iTunes Wi-Fi: Downloads now available via 3G network and sync-back to the computer is still available like always.
  • iTunes store sold over 6 billion songs since 2003.
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