Feeling Lost Lately

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So I’ve been feeling kind of lost lately. I have been leaving this blog high and dry and I don’t mean to not keep up with it. I’ll probably be blogging a lot more during the holiday break, I’ll have about two straight weeks off of work, which I’ll probably be spending at my Mom’s house. I imagine a lot of posts will come out then.

There’s not a lot to share really: I got a 46 out of 60 on my final, but then the professor threw out a bunch of questions, so now it’s a 46 out of 55 (about an 84). I’m done with class for the semester, now I’ve just got to make it through the work week and the weekend – I think I’ll go home to Mom’s on Monday.

Saturday’s movie night went well; We watched Sweeny Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ratatouille, and Meet the Robinsons. A good time was had by all I think. Ruff was sick, and I think I’ve caught his stomach bug, because I felt bad yesterday, feel almost better today.

I just feel blah lately. I don’t know what my end goal is right now. I can propose a 5-year plan and say I’m working towards it, but I really don’t know what I want in life besides to write, and keep writing, and eventually let that be my career / business. Some combination of blogging and going out on pc house calls would really be a sweet life, if I could keep it up regularly enough to pay the bills and do what I need. Although I imagine the solitude would get to me eventually. Maybe I’ll find a wife or something before that becomes my only income source.

I continue to feel like I’m only alive on the weekend, and that I’m pretty much dead inside the rest of the week. I’ve been trying to be more active still, but my motivations to do so seem to be waning once again. I always find things that need doing around the house, and still more that I put off to another day.

My friends are awesome. Marq fixed my broken sink for me. I paid him for parts. It works awesome – and it’s awesome to have that available to use again. He’s a good friend.

Brad is moving in with me throughout the month of December, and will actually live in my house sometime around January 1st. That’ll be nice to have the extra money each month, and he’ll be paying half utilities as well, which will help. I’ve got him an official lease contract that I’ve been over thoroughly, so that should keep things easily arbitable if need be.

Well, that’s about it for now. Keep tuned in, there should be more coming more often, now that school is out for me and all I have is work and some social gatherings until January.

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    I think this christmas, I can enjoy and fun

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