Grandma’s Getting Married!

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A lot of posts today, I know, but lots of important news and things to share, thoughts on my mind. An important couple of things:

  • Mom went on a date last Friday night. I was slightly weirded out, but I’m okay. Apparently he was a gentleman and treated her well.
  • My grandma (my deceased father’s mom) has been dating as well, and as I think I have stated before, is getting married! I found out this weekend the date has been set for November 15th. I’m taking the day off (Friday) before the wedding, and going home to my mom’s. My grandma has asked me to give her away, so I’m going to do that for her.

It hit me when my mom told me my grandma asked if I’d do it, I’m the oldest living male on my father’s side of the family. She’s lost her brother, husband, and two sons in the last 5 or so years. She’s been so depressed, and then suddenly when this man came into her life, she has pepped right back up and is happy as we’ve never seen her.

So, yeah – I definitely said I’d be honored to give her away. Heck, Mom’s been trying to give her away for years. I kid, I kid.

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