It May Already Be Too Late

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I am not usually too easily swayed by comments on a article, but today I most certainly was alarmed, intrigued even. Digg was running a story about an army brigade being stationed here in the U.S. for domestic missions, including Federal response to man-made disasters, terrorism, or to provide support in case of natural disasters like Katrina or Ike. Here’s the comment, which was in response to someone else claiming this could lead to Martial Law right under our noses:

Leepil is referring to Posse Comitatus. It is not part of the Constitution but is a well established part of US Federal Law, going back to 1878 – after the Civil War.
Wikipedia: “Posse Comitatus Act”
The Bush White House in their usual style goes about asking neo-Fascist lawyers for an interpretation of US Laws that favors their side of the argument. And of course Congress plays right along. This is all part of the Unitary Executive which is nothing less than a plan to create a Fascist Dictatorship.
See this article for more information on the Unitary Executive. …
Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense:
In America, the law is king. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.

The unitary executive doctrine conflicts with Paine’s principle – one that is fundamental to our constitutional system. If Bush can ignore or evade laws, then the law is no longer king. Americans need to decide whether we are still a country of laws – and if we are, we need to decide whether a President who has determined to ignore or evade the law has not acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government.
See also the “Federalist Society”. It’s no surprise that belonging to the Federalist Society has been a pre-requisite for getting a job in the Bush “Justice” Dept.
People, it is much later than we think. All Bush needs is a Declaration of a State of Emergency. That “emergency” could be a war, or a financial crisis, or a natural disaster, or civil unrest. In which case he will declare himself to have Dictatorial Emergency Powers. I sometimes think that this is why Congress is so afraid to stand up to him.

In fact we are already living under various States of Emergency. Bush declared a state of emergency after 9/11. He used those powers to declare “enemy combatants”, and to violate the FISA laws. The Federal Reserve had to declare a financial emergency to beg

in lending money and acquiring private corporations. Under its normal charter, it is not authorized to do that. And now we have US military, fresh from a brutal war in Iraq, that will be patrolling our streets!

I’m not saying any of this is what’s actually going on, and I don’t want you to think I’m “reporting” in any official capacity that this is legitimate. But as Americans, patriots, who’s ACTUALLY watching our backs? Does anyone else get the sinking feeling that either we really aren’t go

ing to have an election, or that it doesn’t matter who wins the election? 

Look at the facts: Obama is a charismatic and dynamic speaker with leadership qualities that people admire. I won’t bring up race issues, but I think America has grown up enough that that’s not as big of a deal as it would have been years ago. Joe Biden – I don’t know much 

about him, honestly. I think he’s a man who can stand by Obama and follow his plan. On the other side, John McCain, is old, stuck in his ways, but he’s also a bull-dog, or a rhino as I heard someone say. But his running mate is a joke. Sarah Palin? Come on. Ridiculous. I feel like this whole thing is a dog and pony show and America is just too dumb to see it for what it is. How is it, that out of a country full of hard-

working, honest, amazing leaders we couldn’t cull out anyone better than this? Why is it that if you step back, it looks like both sides of the party lines are pushing us towards Obama? Conspiracy? Maybe.

Or maybe it’s just a big show to distract us from Bush while he sets up the New Bush Order, a fascist dictatorship where we can say goodbye to voting and representation and anything else that used to make this country great. If the financial apocalypse hits, and it probably will, I wouldn’t be surprised if people didn’t riot, and Bush declares martial law before November 4th.

“Dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!” – Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

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