“Caribou Barbie” Sarah Palin Loses VP Debate

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I said a while back I wouldn’t put forth any clearly political blog posts… well, I’ve turned hypocrite (or maybe liar, at least) and have decided to renig on that promise. Today I sent an emailed Letter to the Editor at the newspaper in the town where my job is, because the town where I live really doesn’t have much in the way of newspapers. So here’s the letter I sent:

Dear Editor,

Joe Biden clearly won the debate on Thursday against Sarah Palin. Palin did a great job giving her canned and well-rehearsed answers, but she was ridiculously condescending in the way she refused to answer questions asked by the moderator. While it may seem cavalier and bold to do so, she showed complete disrespect for the moderator and the purpose of the debate.

Palin’s talking points all seem like a retro-rewind of the same-old same-old we’ve had from the Bush administration for eight long, insufferable years. Calling pulling our troops out of Iraq “a white flag of surrender” is not only a mud-slinging scare tactic, she’s basically puppeting John McCain from last week. We heard nothing new here, and getting our boys out of harm’s way is in no way a failure, especially if we do it correctly, turning power over to the Iraqi people.

I’m sick of all the talk about huge tax cuts on corporations. It’s not punishing them for being successful, as many will claim. It is also not, as John McCain would have us believe, to keep them from moving business over seas. Taxes alone are not what makes doing business in America a great thing. It would be exponentially expensive for major corporations to move their entire operations off-shore to save on taxes.

What’s important is what Biden said about the middle-class driving America. We are the ones who make America go. We drive trucks, we sweep floors, we serve your food, we answer your calls for help, we defend this country and it’s freedoms. It’s not a Robin Hood take from the rich and give to the poor situation. It’s not being foolish and giving the wealthy a break but leaving Joe Blue-Collar to struggle.

People complain Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be President. I say, he doesn’t have the years of corruption and indebtedness to lobbyists and PACs to influence his decisions. Yes, he’s got big ideas and not all of them will be able to be done with the budget he’ll be working with. But now, more than ever, people need to vote with their heads and not just their hearts, and not just for whoever’s the most popular in the news. Check your facts, know what’s real about the issues. Don’t vote for Obama just because he’s about “Change you can believe in” and don’t vote for John McCain just because he’s not Obama.

It is time for a change, America. We don’t need four more years of the same old song. Let’s be the America we were meant to be, the best country in the World, the *United* States of America.

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