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It’s that time of year again – it’s starting to get chillier during the day and freezing cold at night. The leaves are turning colors, and the jerks from Florida are up in the mountains driving 10 under so they can look at the foliage. Shorts are becoming more and more inappropriate apparel for the temperature, but I’ll keep on wearing them till December anyway.

I’ll stack together my sleeveless t-shirts, shorts and sandals and put them in a box for the back of the closet and say goodbye to them for at least four-to-six weeks. Now that there’s global warming, the winters aren’t freezing cold for quite as long as they used to be. We get less snow, and even less often do we get snow that sticks to the ground.

It’s long been a puzzle in my brain as to whether or not I have that weird mental disorder where you’re in different moods based on whether or not it’s summer/spring or fall/winter time, and whether or not it’s day or night time. I think I have the opposite version though. Instead of being happy in bright warm weather, I’m happier in the middle of a cold winter night. Nothing feels better than knocking off the chill in a heated room, and then getting a little too hot and opening the door or cracking a window to cool off a little. Night time snowball fights are awesome. The only other thing I like as much is walking along the beach on a breezy spring night from dusk till the sky is pitch black and you can’t see the horizon between the sky and the black waters.

I love the night time. When the sun is up, it feels oppresive and reminds me of those annoying people who are super happy all the time and enthusiastic to the point of nausea, you just want to punch them in the eye. I’m definitely a night owl. I find that I force myself to go to sleep at night now around 1am, because I know I’ll regret it more in the morning if I don’t. My sleep schedule is off, and I think if I slept when it felt right I’d be asleep from 3am – 2pm, and then would want to go to work and then come home to chill around 11pm. Unfortunately, that’s not how society works unless you have one of those glorious second or third-shift jobs. My sister works third shift, but that makes it hard for her to interact with people who don’t.

If I ever hit the big time with internet business, I’m just going to conduct my business at night and do things ahead of time or get up just for conference calls and the like. Maybe I could be an online writer for an overseas publication in a time-zone that matches my sleep schedule. That would be awesome.

A final thought: I may have sleep apnea. My mom has it, and they say it is genetic. It can cause, among other things, insomnia and fatigue, diabetes, heart problems, and more. So, if I go get tested and they get me one of those masks with the machine that makes you sound like Darth Vader breathing, that might fix some things.

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