iPod Touch: To Jailbreak, or Not to Jailbreak

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Because of a bank hold, I’m not going to be able to access my inheritance until August 20th. One of the big things I do plan to spend some of it on is an iPod Touch. I’ll probably do some sort of an auction or raffle to win my existing 5th generation 30gb iPod video.Apple Online Store

I’ve been reading a lot about all the cool things you can do with an iPod touch, and my old roommate had Jailbroken his iPod Touch. The new apps store makes that not completely necessary, and some of the apps are free, even. However, there are still some apps on the iPod Touch that can only be had through Jailbreaking.

(For those of you not familiar, Jailbreaking your iPod Touch or iPhone is a way to load custom third-party applications by “hacking” the phone’s firmware. Everytime Apple releases a new firmware for the device, the Jailbreaking has to be re-done, and usually you have to wait until someone updates the Jailbreaking software to work with the update.)

So my question is simple: When I get my iPod Touch, should I Jailbreak, or not? What apps are absolutely essential to you that can only be had from Jailbreaking your iPod? Let me know your opinions in the comments.

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  • Andy

    Don’t bother. I only did jailbreak because the app store wasn’t out yet. Once it came out, I wiped it and have been happy since. I haven’t paid for an app yet, although there are several that are starting to tempt me.

    Overall a very awesome gadget.

  • Paul

    I would definetly jailbreak it. I used to have an iphone (sold it in chile) but the advantages are all there, you can have “installer” the app that comes from jailbreaking it and you can have the app store its the best of both worlds. And most of the apps that cost money in tha app store have similar apps in installer for free. Its your call but your definetly not gonna regret jailbreaking it.

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