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Last night, I was laying in bed watching TV, and my two adorable kittens climbed up on the bed like they’ve been known to do. They were purring and getting petted and all that. I picked up each one of them and laid them on their backs and rubbed their bellies. The second one (don’t remember which one I had, they both look very similar still) let out a little kitten fart and I let out a “Oh! My! Gosh! You are a smelly cat,” and I put it on the floor.

A few minutes later, the kittens were up on the bed again climbing over my legs and walking around the comforter, and one of the kittens peed on the comforter, the fitted sheet, and as a result, it ran down to my back. My kitten has officially lost about 50% cuteness for a few days.

Now I know my kittens aren’t malicious in nature (not to be confused with the fact that cats are evil), and I’ve read that kittens pee in places that are inappropriate because they want to communicate with you or they want to mark their territories. Still, they’re my kittens, and I’m hoping they won’t do that again. I’m nervous today because I’ll be gone all day, and if they do pee again, it’s going to have all day to soak into whatever they pee on.

If this sort of behavior becomes regular, I may have to close them off in the spare bedroom at night, and keep my bedroom door shut during the day. That’ll at least minimize the damage they can do when I’m not home.

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  • Nathan

    LOL, that is so funny. Bad kitty! I guess they haven’t quite learned the potty trained part yet.

  • fool

    He/she just thought you were cute and was making a claim? LOL

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