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I heard a guy on the radio (WNOX – Knoxville’s Talker) say this morning that you should start your day off like it’s a blank slate, and think of three things for which you’re thankful. Apparently, it’s not just new-agey inspirational stuff, it’s psychologically good for you.

So here goes, three things (in no particular ranking order) for which I’m thankful:

1. My Family: I love my late father, mom, sister, both grandmas, cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone who has helped me grow up to be who I am. They’ve supported and encouraged me in their different ways, and like any loving family, they’d do anything they could for my betterment. In fact, my mom and sister are coming up in September to help me paint and get new furniture.

2. My Friends: I’ve met a lot of people that have pretended to be my friend while it was convenient, but I’m so very thankful for the people that have shown me they love me by their words and their actions. The friends that give up their time, money, energy, strength, and anything else without hesitation for me, and know I’d do the same in any way possible. These are friends who have stuck by me through tough and good times, and rally behind me when I need strength.

3. My House: I never dreamed I’d own a home and have a mortgage at 25. It’s not terribly uncommon, I just didn’t think I’d be at a point where I could do it now. God is good, and his love endures forever! My house is in pretty good shape, and I have plans to rennovate over the years to come, and it may not be the house I live in forever. But for now, it’s mine, and that’s a huge accomplishment to me.

So I do feel a little better, and I’m sure there’s no “rules” to any of this, so I’m going to list a couple more in brief: I’m starting grad school, I have a wonderful girlfriend and even though she’s moving away I’ve enjoyed our time together so much, I’m employed full-time with a salary and benefits, I have a big screen TV and a nice car (half-way paid for!), my boss gave me a compliment this morning on an e-mail response I sent to a user, and I’ve got two adorable black kittens at home that play and explore and in general amuse me greatly. I have to scoop their poop up from a litter box, but that’s a small price to pay.

Liked this? Try it out yourself! Have some tips of your own on how to start off your day happy and healthy? Leave it in the comments!

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